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snow lotus lifitng mask

Snow Lotus Lifitng Mask

Price €50.00
This splendid ingredient-rich mask is infused with a powerful extract of an extraordinary flower, the Snow Lotus, capable of blooming white through...

Gelée Tomato Scrub

Price €33.95
Facial scrub for all skin types. Refine the texture of the skin and reveal its complexion thanks to the blueberry powder and tomato.

Moisture Boost Vit + C Cream

Price €63.00
This super-luxe day cream strengthens and refines the skin. It also lights up the face with a red carpet glow. It contains 2% of vitamin C, an...

Plump & Glow Mist

Price €53.00
Moisturizing mist, improves skin tone and reduces redness. Dry problem areas appear visibly revitalized, soft and smooth. It acts as a shield...

Active Tonic I

Price €29.00
Bactericidal tonic with moisturizing and hydrating agents. Prepares the skin for a greater absorption of the active ingredients, balances the fat,...

Crystal Retinal 10

Price €105.00
Stable retinal night serum With Medik8 Crystal Retinal 6 you can regain youthful skin with Crystal Retinal 6 ™, Medik8's latest innovation in...
Among the many ways that exist to restore youth to the face is to clarify and illuminate. This is a process full of benefits for the skin not only from an aesthetic perspective but also from a health point of view.

What do we mean by lightening the skin?

Lightening the skin means eliminating all those spots and shadows that have been appearing as a result of the natural changes of the epidermis and especially as a result of exposure to the sun without proper protection. UV rays always take their toll, even on the least sunny days. For this reason, it is so important to protect your skin whenever you go outside. However, sometimes the spots appear naturally due to hormonal changes (for example, during pregnancy) or simply because the passage of time affects us all equally. The good news is that there are always methods to remedy it and skin lightening and brightening are two of the most effective for these cases.

Discover the great benefits of skin lightening and brightening creams

One of the most notable symptoms of a face not being at its optimum hydration and nutrition point is that it appears 'off'. We use this term to refer to those faces in which the small dark spots take center stage and relegate the beauty of skin with a uniform, firm and elastic tone to the background. A healthy skin is always a luminous skin. This is the body's natural response when it is cared for properly. And a luminous skin is also a skin with a unified tone, without shadows or spots that detract from its natural beauty.

What are the most common habits with which you damage the skin of your face on a daily basis?

Skin lightening and brightening products will be of great help to you. However, they will be much more effective if, apart from including them in the treatment of your skin, you change some of the habits that are damaging it on a daily basis, accelerating its aging and putting your good health at risk. The skin of the face is the one most exposed to pollutants and other harmful products. If you also wash your face with any type of soap (even if it is neutral), you do not use makeup adapted to the needs of your skin, you do not have daily cleaning and hydration routines or your diet does not include enough fruits, vegetables and others Foods with a high antioxidant value, there is a greater risk of spots appearing on the skin that reduce the beauty and youth of your expression.

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