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descaling lotion

Descaling Lotion

Price €26.50
Action against clogged pores: Descaling Lotion loosens the cells of the outer layer and removes sebum from the pores. Clarifies the skin surface...
likopan gel

Likopan Gel

Price €21.50
Instant care against pimples and blackheads: visibly reduces skin inflammations. Benefit No more impure skin: Likopan Gel is applied as a...
perles hydro vitalite

Perles Hydro-Vitalité

Price €86.50
Protection for a skin full of luminosity and vitality: ultralight gel that is quickly absorbed into the skin, immediately providing skin hydration....

Lova Skin Instant Foot...

Price €62.00
Lova Skines a new generation of cosmeceutical foot peeling for a pedicure and express beauty care at home in less than 2 minutes. It reveals the...

Essential Shock Intense...

Price €58.50
Noticing tired legs or muscle fatigue can be exhausting, especially if you feel it for a long time. Essential Shock Intense Cryo-Gel is a deep...

Diamond Extreme Oil

Price €122.00
There is a science of sleep, and there is a science of nocturnal regeneration of the skin. Diamond Extreme Oil is a powerful night treatment based...

Essential Shock Intense...

Price €66.00
Stretch marks can leave their marks on our skin. Fine lines that seem impossible to erase, caused by changes in weight and volume during puberty,...

Diamond White Serum

Price €263.50
We all aspire to have glowing skin; something complicated today, due to the polluted world in which we live. But Diamond White Serum is a highly...

Diamond Instant Glow

Price €67.50
Imagine being able to show off a luminous and firm skin in just 10 minutes. Sometimes we just don't have time for a full intensive treatment. So...

Diamond Glyco Extreme Peel

Price €182.00
Exfoliation is an almost magical step that allows you to show the natural beauty of your skin. At Natura Bissé we consider Diamond Glyco Extreme...

Diamond Drops

Price €152.00
Imagine if you could protect your skin from some of the most damaging aggressors in the environment: pollution, smoke, dry weather, etc. Diamond...
One of the ways to ensure successful skincare is to focus your efforts on a specific goal, and that's what specific treatments are for. It can be said that these types of solutions go a step beyond the usual cleaning and hydration routines in order to obtain very specific objectives on a particular aspect of skin care.

Types of specific treatments that you can use

Specific treatments are generally intended to correct very specific skin imperfections or to complete for a short but intensive period of time what you are already achieving with your usual treatments. As for the types of product that fall within this category, you can find a bit of everything. From spot correctors with special applicators to act only on a very specific area of the body to blisters with a lifting and firming effect, serums for cell recovery, triple action serums or energizing vitamin complexes. We encourage you to take a look at all the available possibilities and ask us any questions when making a decision. As for the formats in which this type of specific products are marketed, there are all kinds of them and they are closely related to both the amount you must use and the treatment time you must undergo to achieve optimal results. You have creams, oils, serums, ampoules and tonics, as well as a wide variety of textures that will allow you to get much more out of your treatment.

Why resort to a specific treatment?

Some aspects of skin care and beauty require special attention. This does not imply that the daily cleaning, toning and hydration routines have less importance or less potential, but there is no doubt that acting in a more direct way on the cause of the problem that worries you will allow you to obtain better results and in much less time . To resort to a specific treatment is to give your body or your face a second chance so that they finally show themselves in all their splendor. We have already said that these treatments do not last for long periods of time but rather seek to act in a specific way on a specific problem. However, you can also set routines in the use of these types of solutions and use them between two and three times a year depending on what your skin needs at all times and how you see that it has evolved. Since there are no specific guidelines on the use of these treatments, it is best to read the package inserts carefully and follow the guidelines of each manufacturer to ensure the most successful results.

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