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Sharing Smiles

Price €33.00
Lips chap, many times for no apparent reason. This delicate repairing balm greatly nourishes and mitigates the uncomfortable sensation of chapped...
Nourishing Natural Balm to take care of your skin

Natural Nourishing Balm

Price €42.00
Ultra-repairing balm with shea and mango butter. This cream is a real gem to relieve skin discomfort. Natural Nourishing Balm has been created...
Beauty can manifest itself in many ways, for example, every time you make your little contribution to making the world a little better every day. In our solidarity products section you will make your purchases turn into something positive for the planet. In this way, we all win. Why are solidarity products doubly beneficial? It is not just a question of quality but what you can do with each of your purchases. Estética Lostao is part of an extensive network of collaborators and distributors of cosmetic products that, in addition to offering the excellent advantages of the major brands in the market, allocates part of its income to financing solidarity projects that support the most important causes. What do you get with each of your purchases? You get that the routines in the care of your skin have beneficial effects beyond your face. To give an example, the solidarity products of Natura Bissé are worth noting. They are products developed jointly by the team of researchers of this sensational brand and by teams of doctors specialized in different sectors, including oncology. When you acquire one of these products, you contribute to the implementation of training programs for future professionals specialized in oncology aesthetics, to social promotion and international cooperation to promote development among the most vulnerable groups or to support children's learning so that they do not there is no child in the world who cannot read and write. Are they aesthetic products like those in the rest of the catalog? From the point of view of their composition, use and functions, they are. From the perspective of their advantages and benefits, we have already seen that they are much more than just a cosmetic product. That is why it is convenient that before resorting to a specific treatment you consider the possibility of making one of these solidarity purchases. The products in this category provide you with the same benefits in hydration, nutrition and skin care as the rest of the treatments that we offer you at Estética Lostao. They are manufactured by the big brands in the cosmetics sector and their effectiveness has been proven. If you already have your brand and your reference products, these proposals do not have to replace your usual treatments but you can use them as a complement to your routines. Solidarity products are also a good alternative when it comes to making an original, practical and beneficial gift for everyone. You can use them on the most important dates to have a personal detail with that special person, with the satisfaction that your purchases are serving to make more than one person happy.

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