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x lifing mask

X-Lifing Mask

Price €62.00
A combination of hydrating hydrogel and specially woven cotton fabric, with superior elasticity, provides the best lifting experience targeting the...
lotus water calming mask

Lotus Water Calming Mask

Price €44.00
The Lotus, symbol of beauty and purity, takes root in mud, but grows with buds full of moisture and nutrients that have restorative benefits for...
petals of botanique wash

Petals of Botanique Wash...

Price €70.00
Formulated with 99.7% naturally derived ingredients and botanical extracts, this wonderful mask helps firm, tighten, and revitalize dull, tired...
peeling masque

Peeling Masque

Price €26.50
Action against oily and impure skin: Masque Peeling removes dirt particles and improves skin relief. Benefit Masque Peeling cleanses the skin in...
hydro sensitif masque

Hydro-Sensitive Masque

Price €32.00
Masque Sensitif calms and relaxes the skin, provides hydration and offers complete protection. Benefit MASQUE SENSITIF contains a formula based on...

Essential Shock Intense Mask

Price €44.50
Imagine the sensations of a creamy mask that enhances the hydration of your skin and nourishes it with an incredible revitalizing power. The gentle...

Diamond White Glowing Mask

Price €67.50
If your goal is a skin that dazzles with maximum luminosity, Diamond White Glowing Mask is the product you have been waiting for. This lightening...

Stabilizing Cleansing Mask

Price €41.50
An all-in-one cleanser and mask designed specifically for oily and acneic skin, but perfect as a weekly purifying treatment for normal skin....

Diamond Ice-Lift

Price €142.00
Imagine a mask that firms, energizes and provides an incredibly refreshing sensation. Diamond Ice-Lift is a delicate gel, with lavender oil and...

Oxygen Finishing Mask

Price €39.50
Imagine a 10-minute infusion of energy that purifies, stimulates and tones your skin. Oxygen Finishing Mask is an intensely invigorating gel mask...
More and more firms are presenting cosmetic products that follow the line of masks. Why? Because it has been more than proven that these specific treatments provide spectacular effects in a matter of minutes and that, if you also maintain regular use, the results in hydration and beauty will be permanent. In addition, as they do not exclude your usual treatments but are added to them as an extra in skin care, they are very useful whatever the particularities of your case.

Are all masks the same?

Of course not, and this will be the first point to take into account when purchasing one of these treatments. The great thing about the masks is that there are as many varieties as skin types and goals that are intended to be achieved. Among the most common options in skin masks we can highlight:
  • Masks for blemished skin : their objective is to unify the skin tone through active principles that act directly on everything that affects its pigmentation.
  • Masks for dry skin : they are the ideal solution for all those skins that need extra hydration at a specific moment of their usual treatment.
  • Masks for irritated and sensitive skin : when hives and redness have settled on your face, you need to use a cosmetic product that soothes the skin and returns it to normal.
  • Masks for acne skin : they are ideal for calming and purifying those skins that are more prone to the appearance of pimples and impurities.
  • Masks for photo-aged skin : the ideal complement for anti-aging treatments and to prevent the appearance of the signs of aging. They hydrate, illuminate and are rich in vitamins and antioxidants.
Apart from these characteristics, you will see that in the market for facial masks there are countless textures, from veil-type masks that exert a more occlusive pressure adapting to the contour of your face, to cream-type masks that once they have dried they are removed as a sheet or those that are applied as a tonic and removed with the help of special cotton discs.

Tips for applying the masks

It is very important that both your hands and the skin on which you apply the mask are clean and toned before proceeding with the use of this type of product. Whether it is a face mask or a body mask, the ideal is that after an exhaustive cleaning you also exfoliate the skin since in this way you will be facilitating the absorption of the mask ingredients and guaranteeing its success. However, keep in mind that most of these masks are applied to already dry skin and that to obtain the best results they should be left to act for the time indicated by the manufacturer. As each one has its peculiarities, review the prospectus well before getting down to work.

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